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Javier Cortina Studio

Client: Javier Cortina
Branding, design and art direction

Javier Cortina is an architect from the city of Valencia. He has his own architecture studio and also works as a teacher at the University of Valencia

Brand identity

Javier is a person who likes to personalize each project,
this is the reason why for his corporate image we create
a stamp with which he can personalize the different
graphic pieces and make them unique for each client.


. J.Cortina Architecture

. Machete Surf House

. Nike - Old Ad Age

. Really Nice Things

. Juan Llorca

. Nike - Gim Class '59

. Bawd

. Querido Bestiario

. D'Cuchillo

. Frontera Verde

. Coca-Cola

. Nike - The Rocket Shoe

. Suc Studio

. WeTransfer

. Any Image

. Loreak Mendian

. Rioja Wine